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July 22

Brass Tech Began

We recognized the need for cutting edge technology for military troops in the field as well as first responders on the streets. People that our brave men and women are up against have access to much more than our government can afford to furnish, and that’s where we come in.

Operation R&D

Brass Tech launched an extensive research project regarding modern tactical applications on the markets of today’s soldiers and first responders.

Our Soil

2004 - Beyond

With our direction remaining firm and steadfast, we will work toward making this country safer; one call for service at a time.
-Brass Tech's CEO

Access Abroad

Every Agency | Every State

One Cloud To Unite Us

Dividing your opponent’s efforts is the fasted way to conquer them. September 11th taught our country that we can no longer have different branches of government operating under different systems. Homeland Security, and the public-safety answering point (PSAP), are but a few things that have been developed as a result. Brass Tech develops solutions which further unites first responders to make our system stronger than ever.

Strength in Numbers

Web search engines did not change the internet, but it did change our approach to it. By making the information that already exists more readily available to first responders will ensure their safety and the safety of our citizens. We don’t want to change the information; rather, we only want to change our approach to it.


Partnerships & Expansion

Brass Tech began a partnership with Mansfield Engineering, thus expanding Brass Tech's workforce, and adding new products to their software division.

Some of the new software solutions that were added include computer aided dispatch (C.A.D.) and records management systems (R.M.S.) software for law enforcement and first responders alike. This new expansion was part of Brass Tech's continuing effort to provide military grade technologies to enhance the quality of domestic safety.

Records Management

Years of research into better ways to process and store information lead us to significantly more robust systems with minimalized effort from the users of our state of the art records management system. We were able to release our first, fully functional CAD system with reduces costs per agency.

Map Integration

Brass Tech’s tactical software solutions offer ground-breaking options for those who are willing to lay their life on the line for others. We have access to satellite imagery API’s to adapt to any unit tracking software.

Improved Capatability

We conduct poles and invite our clients to let us know how we may improve our products. User-friendly software is our specialty and we refuse to accept to fall into the "close enough for government work" mindset. Let us know how we may help!

Every client that purchases any of our software gets updates for life! Don't let the chance for your agency to miss out on all the way may provide to improve your operations.

Leveling The Playing Field

Wars and rumors of wars have led the American governments to hemorrhage funding in so many areas, and ultimately it’s the people who suffer. Brass Tech is dedicated to equalize the playing field between those who protect us and those who wish to harm us.

There are opportunities everywhere around us to improve how we protect our citizens and it’s embarrassing how many times lives are lost because of poor technology. We will raise the level of government technology one contract at a time.

Did You Know?

Brass Tech was originally created by Alan Bryan and his uncle with the last name Glass. They both started a company which mixed Glass and Bryan, which formed “Brass”. Once Brass Tech kicked off it began developing software and hasn’t looked back since.

Today, Brass Tech is the leading software developer in first responder software applications. The focus of our organization is to bring all technologies that governments deal with into consistently reasonable price points. Most organizations increase their prices when they target government organizations; however, we aim to lower the cost and increase the quality.

Complete Support

Product SupportProtecting our citizens is a 24 hour endeavor. All of our products include 24/7 support for all of our clients, as well as support forums and online tutorials.

Using any type of software can be frustrating, and when you need to call for help, hearing someone on the other end who speaks your same language and understands what you need makes all the difference.